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What do you think about this quote? "Hiring people off LinkedIn for an unnamed project seems like an ill-advised move for such a high-profile celebrity."

The high-profile celebrity in this case is Kanye West who is looking for a chief financial officer and vice president, production for “...what is vaguely called the ‘Kayne West clothing project.’” The article “Want to Work for Kanye West? Check Your LinkedIn Account” was written by Claire Suddath, a reporter for BloombergBusinessweek; and she’s got it right, I think.

First, the article is a good reminder to all of us that you can gain significant amounts of competitive intelligence from a company’s job postings. In an industry as competitive as that of fashion, and for a figure who has apparently achieved both great success and great failure within the industry, I think a bit more discretion would have been advised.

Further, advertising this level of position on LinkedIn smacks distinctly of poor strategic thinking regarding competitive intel, as well as about the search strategy. While Decision Toolbox posted the positions, the decision to do so directly impacts the impression one has of Mr. West and his company: That they are lacking strategic vision as well as recognition that much of the very best talent they should consider will never see the LinkedIn posting. Neither the impression nor the postings are likely to attract the best and the brightest.

As a caveat, I don’t know Kanye West, anyone in his human resources or staffing function, or anything about Decision Toolbox and their overall search strategy.  However, I would argue that if Mr. West’s organization doesn’t have a team of qualified internal executive recruiters to conduct the search well, this would be an opportune time to outsource these searches to a high-performing retained executive search firm rather than delegating it to their RPO partner.


You sound ridiculous when you

You sound ridiculous when you clearly state you know nothing about Kanye West's operations or about Decision Toolbox. It pays to do a little research before you sound ignorant.

Hi Anonymous,Your comment may

Hi Anonymous,

Your comment may have some legitimacy.  As is, however, it appears as a vacuous attempt to insult more than an effort to constructively engage.

I invite you into step to the realm of courageous and effective public discourse by first publishing your comments under your name.

I'd also welcome further comment: What are your first impressions after reading  KW's post on LinkedIn? What are your thoughts in general about posting a top-three senior position on LinkedIn for a nascent company? Would that be different if the company were more mature? Do they evolve after reading Claire's comments or my own? What's your knowledge of KW, his company, his initiative? What can you add to enlighted other readers about their organization?

I always appreciate engagment on my blogs—both positive and negative—and hope you're willing to engage constructively.

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