Concepts of Operations

Process Mapping and Work Flow Design

Whether your executive recruiting function is nascent or mature, process mapping lets you identify the actions in your workflow that enhance or impede your performance.

Visual depictions of the sequence of events and of stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities enable an organization to fortify actions in the workflow that maximize productivity and eliminate those that do not.  ScoutRock can facilitate the documentation of your current processes and then guide your team toward developing:

  • optimal process flow
  • improved performance and regulatory compliance
  • increased integration

Policy Drafts

Policies that are typical in staff recruiting departments often do not apply in the executive recruiting environment.  For example, executive recruiters may need more wiggle room in compensation negotiations, and more leeway in relocation, travel or other policies; additionally, executive recruiting requires unique ethical and regulatory review such as when recruiting current or former military officers.

Call ScoutRock to help you identify and write policy drafts specifically relevant to executive search.

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