Search Management

Search Firm Identification and Procurement

Identifying the right search firm to successfully recruit for your open position requires answering a myriad of questions:

  • Retained or contingency? Boutique or big four? Niche or generalist?
  • Who has a good reputation for ethical behavior, best practices, and success?
  • What, exactly, am I paying for?
  • Which terms are standard and which can I negotiate?

ScoutRock’s experience on both side of the executive search desk can help you navigate the search firm identification and procurement processes, whether you’re conducting a single search or establishing a cadre of preferred service providers.

Search Troubleshooting

You’ve engaged a search firm and paid at least one retainer, but the search isn’t going well.  Now what?

Searches fail for all the right—and the wrong—reasons. Usually, the fault lies in a combination of challenges generated by both the hiring entity and the search firm.  ScoutRock’s objective perspective can help you identify ways to turn around a floundering search.

Preferred Vendor Selection

Establishing a nucleus of preferred executive search partners enables you to standardize your contracts, minimize procurement’s role at the start of each search, and shorten project cycle times.  ScoutRock’s expertise in drafting statements of work, requests for proposals, selection criteria, and master contracts can help you streamline the management of your search function, giving you the agility to respond quickly to your clients' needs.

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