Job Seekers' Resources

ScoutRock's services cater to organizations and governments that are recruiting executives rather than to executives or others who are seeking new opportunities.

However, we recognize that there are a lot of people in the market who need job-search tips and resources.  In light of that, here are a few suggestions from us as well as some links to helpful resources for job seekers.


If you are unemployed, recognize that finding your next job is your current full-time job.  Set a stratgy for your job search and work the strategy every day.  That strategy should include:

  • Leveraging your network through telephone calls, Email, letters and social media (95% of your time)
  • Working the job boards (5% of your time)
  • Getting on LinkedIn and posting a good profile
  • Joining groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your profession and participating in discussions within those group fora
  • Searching and posting for jobs directly on LinkedIn
  • Researching Twitter and follow any  associations relevant to your profession; they may tweet job opportunities
  • Follow @cQwill on Twitter in case they post any jobs relevant to your capabilities
  • Posting your resume on BlueSteps; members of Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) have access to the database as one of their membership benefits
  • Beware of job-hunting scams

Try not to get discouraged, be your best and maintain a positive attitude throughout; a negative attitude will kill any opportunity


  • Follow ScoutRock's executive job search Twitter handle @cQwill
  • George Bradt, an executive onboarding guru, and Jane Howze, an executive recruiter offer some excellent tips for managing your personal brand in this Forbes article: Manage Your Personal Brand During a Job Search
  • Here's a great article on how to effectively use social media in your job search: FINS FINANCE, The 15 Minute Job Hunt
  • Allison Cheston is a career counselor and blogger for Forbes and the Examiner; you can find more about her expertise at
  • For those of you in the profession, you know that executive recruiters find people for jobs rather than jobs for people.  For those of you who are not executive recruiters, this blog post by Nick Corcodilos helps clear up a common misunderstanding regarding executive recruiters' roles
  • Nick offers other excellent resources for job seekers on his Ask the Headhunter site
  • There are some fantastic Twitterati tweeting and blogging advice for job seekers.  Two great ones are @AvidCareerist and @JimStroud
  • Donna Svei, who writes the @AvidCareerist tweets, also provides a great resource about Google+ which is likely to become as large a player in social media as LinkedIn and Facebook.  Explore those tweets at @How2GooglePlus, and incorporate the tool into your job search strategy
  • Although this article, How to Get Your Head Hunted, is written for attorneys, it is applicable to anyone wishing to keep career options open (which should be everyone!)